Abyssinian Aviation Academy is offering professional flight training

Abyssinian Aviation Academy offers professional flight training and a range of ratings within the aviation industry. With experienced instructors, an inspiring flying environment, advanced training aircraft, and state-of-the-art Simulator, we provide the ideal place to kick-start your career in aviation.

We offer training on both Diamond DA-40 and Cessna C-172 aircraft. In addition to this we offer Multi-Engine training on a DA-42 (Glass Cockpit-Garmin 1000). With the use of our simulator, we provide trainees a more economical means to integrate technologically advanced systems and complex maneuvers into the general flight training program.

Ethiopia is a great place to fly! With the experience gained whilst taking off and landing at Bole and Jimma international Airport, the trainee benefits from learning in a busy environment, including communication and operations amongst commercial airline traffic.

When navigating across the beautiful landscapes of Ethiopia, the trainee also gets to experience the vast beauty and scenery that Ethiopia has to offer.

Abyssinian Aviation Academy is a private institution that was started in 2006. Approved by the Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authority (ECCA) to train Pilots to FAA standards, AFS AA offers the following Licenses and ratings.

  • Private Pilot License
  • Commercial Pilot License
  • Instrument Rating
  • Multi-Engine Rating
  • Instructor Rating

With many years of experience, the school has graduated many pilots from within the country as well as other foreign countries such as Portugal, Italy, England, Spain ,India, Yemen, Gabon ,Rwanda ,Brundi and Sudan.

With a state –of –the –art diamond DA-40 simulator, you can experience more……

With our Diamond Simulator, flight training is more efficient and economical. The flight Simulator gives the trainee, Trainer, and aircraft a risk-free environment, as simulation-based training allows for training maneuver situations that may be impractical or even dangerous to perform in the real aircraft.

Always looking for ways to improve our standards, Abyssinian Flight Services Aviation academy is pleased to incorporate the use of a simulator into our pilot training program.

Abyssinian pilot training school is the perfect place to realize your dream of flying!

Experienced instructors at your service…

Ethiopia’s diverse landscape is one that makes each flight unique and Abyssinian Aviation Academy makes this experience even better.. 

‘’There will be a global requirement for 433,000 pilots over the next 20 Years’’- Boeing

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