Abyssinian Aviation Academy’s Enrollment Process

  • Application Form and non-refundable application fee
  • Interested trainees will be required to fill out an application form and attach all the relevant documents for screening.
  • Written Examination
  • Upon applying to AFS PTS, the trainee will be required to take a written entrance examination which will test English, Moths, Baisc Physics, and General Knowledge.
  • Interview
  • After passing the written exam, the students will undergo an oral interview. The student will be tested on his or her conversational and comprehension skills in the English Language.
  • Immigration (International students only)
  • All international Students will be required to obtain a temporary residence permit for the duration of their training
  • AFS PTS will provide the student with a letter to take to the immigration office. The Immigration process and fees are entirely the responsibility of the student.
  • If a renewal is required, the trainee should note this date well in advance and begin the process.
  • The school will not be held accountable for non-compliance on this matter.
  • Medical examination
  • All new students are required to acquire an aviation-approved medical certificate prior to beginning ground school.
  • PPL students are required to obtain a 2nd Class Medical Certificate. CPL students are required to obtain a 1st class Medical certificate.
  • The Examination is in line with the ECAA requirements.
  • The pilot training Administrative will make a booking with the aviation doctor.
  • Uniform
  • All students are required to wear uniform in accordance with the AFS PTS uniform policy. New trainees are required to contact the AFS PTS Administrative Assistant to complete the fitting and ordering process.
  • Training Kits
  • At the commencement of your ground training you will receive all relevant training materials at an additional cost.
  • Airport Passes
  • When the time arises for your flight training to begin, you require an airport pass. The AFS Admin Manager will facilitate this for you in due time.

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