AFS AA Vision

* AFS Aviation Academy offers high quality aviation education based on general academic studies that shall meet the demands of industry enterprises and ensure the graduates’ competitiveness in international labour market.

* The Academy has a cooperation network with  aviation organisations, scientific research institutions and other interested cooperation partners in Ethiopia and abroad for carrying out the study process and research and development activities.

* The Academy is the center consolidating aviation competence.

AFS AA Mission

  1. The mission of AFS Aviation Academy is to educate and train aviation personnel meeting international requirements, develop national aviation culture and support the research and development activities in the field of aviation.
  2. Produce competent aviation personnel & teaching who possess the desired academic knowledge, efficient professional skill, commitment to moral principles and values;
  3.  Develop a strong link and partnership with other public and private national and international Academy;

The School is autorized by Ethiopian Civil Aviation Autority (ECAA) to train pilots for the Following License and Ratings:

1: Private Pilot License (PPL)

2: Commercial Pilot License (CPL)

3: Instrument Rating(IR)

4: Multi-engine Rating(ME) and,

5: Instructor Rating(PI)

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